What We Do


We are a multifaceted, tailored service, manufacturing oriented company focusing on Agriculture & Foods and Engineering.
Our processed foods and machines are a result of endless research to attain quality in final product, performance and delivery.

Agriculture & Food Processing

Our focus is to cultivate and process crops such as Cassava, Cocoa and process palm kernel oil. Bulk of our raw materials are to be sourced from small holders farmers cultivating between 0.5-5 hectares of land around our area of business operating environment in Ekiti State.

Engineering & Metal Fabrication

Through our operating name; High Level Tech Engineering, we deploy data driven and research oriented solutions that work, towards building simple and complex operational machinery and providing high ended fully-tailored Engineering Services within.

Where We Are

Start-Up: Cassava Starch Production and Metal Fabrication

Our major business operation for the moment is Metal fabrication. This, our on the job experience has proven, is easier to start-up and grow than the more capital intensive Agriculture and Food Processing. We are concentrating our resources on metal fabrication while trying to get our data right in the Agriculture value chain, grow our financial base and diversify our business solutions. 

High Level Tech Eng.

Green Francis Limited owns the trade name "High Level tech Engineering" an indigenous section of the company that specialises in design and fabrication of machines including industrial capability machines and simple household machines. High Level Tech Engineering is responsible for the manufacturing of custom oriented simple fabricated machinery and embedded systems for small businesses, individuals and high profile clientele.
From 2019 till date we have manufactured over fifty machines ranging from simple liquid mixers to more complex mechanised liquid dispenser and garri frying machine. We have served over one hundred customers with an enquiry database of over one thousand prospective customers.