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Crop Production and Processing

We produce such crops as cassava, cocoa and plantain and process cassava to starch and cocoa to powder. We buy cassava tubers from farmers and cocoa beans from local farmers.


Welding and Fabrication

We design and build machines that makes work easier for small businesses and farmers. From liquid mixers to grain planter, we create compelling solution driven product that is affordable.


Material Supply

For any technical supply requirement, we can be of immense service in the welding engineering segment. We supply metals, electric motors, electronic components etc to businesses that needs it.

Livestock Farming

We are engaged in livestock such as goats, cows and poultry. Bringing a variety of options, we intent to lead the pack in the south west with regards to livestock farming by combining high hygienic atmosphere with a healthy livestock.

CAD and 3D Printing

We offer highly efficient CAD services and 3D printing. We can model any machine or machine components and additionally offer its printing as a full custom service. All our machine design undergo a CAD design before fabrication begins. it enables us to fabricate in a process that is rather simple and straight.



We offer basic Agriculture and welding and fabrication services. We can put you in the right direction towards your next project.

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