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About GFL

Green Francis Limited is a multifaceted multi sector company. We operate businesses in the Agricuture and Welding Engineering Sector.

 Our businesses benefit from prudent and disciplined resource allocation to carry on day to day activities. 

A little of our start-up story is told below:

Francis and Peter Osayomi are blood brothers with shared passion for innovation and technical engagements. In 2017, Francis Osayomi started Green Francis in his mind. He discussed the possibility of founding a company (with his brother, Peter Osayomi) that will take into service their passion for innovating. Considering the fact that they are sons of a poor farmer (who practices non-commercial, laborious but viable agriculture with needs for easy means of carrying out farming processes) the proposed company must solve an immediate problem of studied pattern of food insecurity and innovate against the tedious process involved in agriculture at the local communities. In 2016, Francis started with an acre of land, cultivating plantain, banana, pepper, tomatoes and pop-corn. All the sections of the farm except the plantain, banana and pop-corn failed. it returned not  even the capital invested. He combined buying of cassava tubers, palm kernels and processing them into garri and palm oil. Peter designed and part-funded the first processing set of machines used; a palm kernel digesting machine and press. In 2017, Peter designed their first to be sold machine; a garri frying machine. 

The fabrication was contracted out to a local welder who could read the design and subsequently sold to a client in Togo. The beginning of the journey was cloudy! Francis and Peter never gave up and in 2018, Peter  bought their first ever welder and grinding machine; a mini welding and grinding machine. In 2019 Green Francis Limited was registered with the corporate affairs commission in accordance with the CAMA laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and has been developing locally fabricated machines through the name; High Level Tech Engineering and processing cassava to starch. Servicing customers from various part of Nigeria.

Capacity Building

It is part of our operational philosophy to encourage people to improve their capacity. As a company we are committed to helping our staff grow their capacities.

History Emphasis

We leverage our humble beginning to always come up with a finished product that is as rugged as we are and that can stand the test of time.

Economic Outcomes

There must be a wow benefit for investment made that will surpass the expectation of every of our clients.


Revenue in 2022 (Million Naira)


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Successfully Project


Year of experience

The Executive Team

Our Experts

Francis O Osayomi

C.V.O/ Head Processing

Peter A Osayomi

C.E.O/Head Engineer

George O Ojo

Head of Finance

Blessing Akomolafe



Committed To Keep People Healthy & Safe

Through unique an hygienically balanced processes of production, we are focused on first the health and wellness of our clients.

We Follow Best Practices

From the concept design to testing, we adhere strictly to the process of best practices.

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