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Our Portfolio

Our business operations is presently in 3 attractive sectors; Food and Agriculture, Technology and Engineering and machining (metal fabrication). We continue to ensure that we build sustainable businesses that will offer real value for investment.

In our attempt to create value, we hold on to four strategic pillars





People are our greatest assets at Green Francis Limited and we are committed to keep working with the best set of people by way of investment into their personal capacity development.

Innovative Technology if used efficiently will improve our corporate culture, create true competitive advantage, better customer experience and cut financial cost.

We are constantly trying to be valuable and affect positively our immediate environment to make it better for living and align our operation and business practices with the Sustainable Development Goals.

We believe so much in the corporate governance system that is just and allow for equitable processes that will give good return on investments.

Join Our Social Impact Activities

Our social impact activities cut across education, youth empowerment, food security and capacity building. We are seeking strategic partners, volunteers and sponsor for our projects. To learn more about our social impact visit https://impact.greenfrancis.ng